5 Best assets young professionals can acquire to achieve financial freedom.

assets-for-young-professionals-moneyjumps.comThe secret of becoming rich & achieving financial freedom is  having good assets.
We know assets are ‘economic resources which puts money into our bank accounts’.
Let us see what are the best assets for the  young professionals, who can take fair amount of risk.
1. Real estate:
 Apartments/ flats, houses ,  commercial buildings, land plots, estates etc., are good real estate ideas which will give good cash flow regularly in the forms of rentals.
Also we will get good profit from selling these after a price appreciation.
The key to any real estate deal is buying and selling at right prices.
2. Stocks of companies:
Acquiring Stocks or shares of good companies means having ownership in those companies.
If we can own performing companies in the form of stocks, we can benefit form regular dividends and also from stock value appreciation over a period of time.
3.  Mutual funds:
We can invest in best preforming Mutual funds looking at the fund’s ratings. Mutual funds give dividends and value appreciation on the units we buy.
There are popular rating agencies like www.valueresearchonline.com in India which give ratings to different mutual fund schemes. 
www.valueresearchonline.com is a very good site to refer if you plan to buy mutual funds in India.
4. Businesses:
Starting and running own businesses is the best way to create wealth and to achieve financial freedom.
It is a myth that one need to have lots of money to start a business.
In reality many successful businesses of today, has started with minimum or no initial investment.
There are enormous opportunities out there for young professionals who have the courage to do things differently.
5. Intellectual properties:
Another interesting assets young professionals can acquire are intellectual properties.
Intellectual properties are resources which give royalty incomes from musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries and inventions; and words, phrases, symbols, and designs,
Talented and skilled young professionals can make intellectual properties like books, music albums , films, paintings, discoveries, inventions,  which can give income for a life time.
So I request you to minimize your liabilities and start accumulating good assets from today from any of 5 best asset classes listed above.
Knowledge is the best asset
And the best and foremost asset which  young professionals can have is the knowledge and skills on investing and money management. 
So invest on books, trainings, professional advices to acquire knowledge and skills.
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