Why we need to have Financial education ?

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Everyone will agree that money is important and is the  the most sought after thing  in today’ s world. 
Still only a very small fraction of population become rich and have enough money. Others struggle in their whole life working for money.This is because this small fraction people are financially literate and knows about financial accounting and investments. They clearly know how to create assets.
Our educational system doesn’t teach people about money and so people  don’t get enough idea about money matters  from colleges and schools. An ordinary individual never tries to learn about these in the  rest of his  lifetime also. 
The result is majority works for the rich to make them richer and in the process make themselves poorer.
Most people think that earning more is the solution for financial problems. For earning more money  they will work hard, change companies and do additional courses. Once they increase their earnings  their spending also increases and  also create liabilities. This becomes a cycle and finally they end up in deep financial trouble.
On the other hand Rich people clearly knows how to make money. They never work for money. They work to make assets. Asset are the systems which make money. Examples for Assets are real estate, Stocks of companies, businesses, Intellectual property.
And to create assets we need to have proper education on financial matters. We should have good knowledge in accounting. We should also know about how to productively invest to create more money.
Unless we acquire these knowledge we will be stuck being poor.
So let us try to earn financial literacy first.
Money jumps.com will help you to acquire more  financial education.
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